New Program Badges and Placement

The New Program is being used across all sections. The process for converting over from the old to the new system is now mostly completed and the new badges are ready to be distributed. The Cubs and Scouts will be receiving their badges first and the Joeys and Venturers will follow soon after. The Patrol Leaders and Leaders will have discussed with each member as to what level everyone is at in each of the Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS). For some this may have taken place quite a while ago. There is also a conversion from the Joey's Participation badges, the green or red Proficiency badges for the Cubs, the yellow Achievement badges for the Scouts and the Venturer's Tapes. These will be replaced by the 6 Special Interest Area badges. The Cub's Boomerangs, the Scout Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer badges have been replaced by 3 Milestone badges.

Have a look at the files below to find the placement for all of the new badges. You will need to remove all of the badges on your sleeves EXCEPT:

  • the Epping tape and any other Group tapes that you have,

  • Sydney North Region badge,

  • a Leadership course badge,

  • any special badges (the blue anchor badge, a First Aid badge, etc),

  • a Peak Award badge (Joey Promise Challenge, Cub Grey Wolf, Scout Medallion, Venturer Queen Scout or Rover BP Award)

  • any Link badges (these will now become the Intro to Section badge).

Do not remove any badges from the front of your shirt.

When you receive your badges, please arrange for them to be sewn on promptly. If you lose any of them once they have been issued, you will need to purchase replacement badges from your section leaders.