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Our section leaders will be preparing the programs for Term 3, 2023 very soon and will be available by clicking on the relevant section (Joeys, Cubs, Scouts or Venturers).  This also includes the start date for the term.

If you have a question about the program activities, please use the Leaders page and contact the leader for the relevant section or Peter Buckley, the Group Leader, at or on 0404 136 350.

Clean Up Australia 2020

Clean Up Australia has been running since 1990.  This is our opportunity to get out there and do our bit.  Each year the banks of the Parramatta River adjacent to the Epping Scouts Boat Shed and the Meadowbank Ferry Wharf are becoming cleaner with less rubbish being discarded in the area.  However, until we can get the message across to everyone, there will be enough new rubbish that has accumulated since the last clean up.

The more people that come along to assist in the clean up, the larger area of bank can be scoured.  Mostly it is plastic bags, drink cans and bottles, shoes and occasionally car parts are also found and retrieved.  Recently we have been taking the canoes out to enable us to gain access to the mangroves without causing environmental damage.  We ask that the Joeys and Cubs bring a parent but all parents are welcome to assist.  Youth members will go around in groups supervised by a leader or parent.  The more leaders and parents that come along, the more groups we can form and therefore the more rubbish we can collect in the shortest amount of time.  

Please accept the CareMonkey invitation or, for the new members who are not yet on CareMonkey, complete an Activity Notification form (E1) for those participating.  You will find this at the bottom of this page.

Meet up around 8:45am and register at 1st Meadowbank's BBQ which will be located in the car park between the Ferry Wharf and the rail bridge. Spend an hour or two helping to clean up the shores of the Parramatta River.  

Wear safe, sun-smart clothes including a brimmed hat, collared shirt and sturdy shoes.  Gardening gloves make the task much safer.  If it is a warm day then a water bottle (with your name on it) is essential.  If it likely to rain, please bring a raincoat as the event will not be rescheduled.

1st Meadowbank Scout Group generally runs a Sausage Sizzle for those who participate.  A gold coin donation is appreciated - so they can afford to do it again next year.   Any surplus will be donated to the Clean Up Australia fund.

E1 Cleanup Australia - 2020.pdf

Family Camp - 8th to 10th February, 2019

Family camp is on again in 2019 at Lake Lyell, a few kilometres out of Lithgow.  As a Family Camp, the parents will be responsible for looking after their children and, for this reason, will need to attend unless you can get them adopted out to another family there for the weekend.  We encourage siblings to join us to also experience the joys of camping and water activities.  As with last year, we will be camping at the water's edge and be able to use the Group's canoes and at least one sailing boat.  PFD's (Life Jackets) and paddles will be available. 

For those who arrive on Friday afternoon/evening and are keen to get lots of time on (or in) the water the camping cost will be $78 per site.  For those who arrive on Saturday, the camping cost is $52 per site.  These costs will permit people to remain until Monday morning if you are able to.  For those just coming for the day, the cost is $5 per car per day which is payable at the entry gate on arrival.  

Parents will need to bring their own food and cooking facilities to cook their food for the weekend.  There will be a small 3 burner cooker and a BBQ for general use.  This will be situated under a communal shelter.  If you need to borrow a tent from the Group, we have some that are suitable.  Please let me know at the time of booking so that we can reserve one for you.  Food can be purchased at Lithgow which is about 15 minutes drive from the campsite.

Because the camp is so close to the beginning of Term 1, we require a 50% pre-payment ($39 or $26) to confirm your booking and full payment by Wednesday 30th January 2019.  Payment details are at the bottom of this page.  When you arrive, let the campsite staff know that you are with Epping Scouts and they will let you through the gate.  If you arrive on Friday after the Warden has left for the day (about 6pm), give me a call when you arrive and I will give you the entry code.    For those who are coming for the day and not camping overnight the $5 is to be paid to the Camp warden when you arrive.  There will be no need to book unless you are staying overnight.  These sites are un-powered.  Sites 2 - 9 do have power.  If you want one of these please book these direct through the Camp Warden and let me know .

I have not confirmed if we will be running the Group BBQ for the Saturday dinner.  Information for this will come out later.

Further information can be found in the CareMonkey form or on the E1 Activity Notification Form which is attached here.  You can call me (Rama) on 0404 136 350 for more information.  A copy of the E1 needs to be completed for all attendees who are not registered within CareMonkey.  Only page 1 of the E1's need to be handed to Rama (Peter Buckley) on arrival at the camp site.

This event is becoming more popular each year.  We have again booked up 23 sites for this year.  Once we have received your deposit into the Group Account (BSB: 032-287, Acct: 15 0933) you will be able to nominate which site you would like to use.  This will be more of a benefit for those who have been there in previous years and know the area.  As you can see from the map, all sites are beside the water.   Please indicate with your booking if you intend arriving on Friday or Saturday so that I know that you are on the appropriate site.

Camp sites:  There are 2 areas that we have booked.  We have sites  49 - 60 for those arriving on Friday and 11 - 20 for those arriving on Saturday.  Site bookings will be taken on a first in basis.  Bookings will be coordinated through Rama once the payment has been made.  If there are not enough Friday night sites I will try to extend some of the Saturday sites.  Please refer to the table below for available sites.


Recent legislative changes come into effect from 1st January 2019 requiring all adults (ie anyone over the age of 18) who are staying overnight are to hold a current Working With Children Check and have submitted an Adult Helper (A2 form) to the Scout Association.  This means No WWCC - No overnight attendance - No exceptions.  For details about applying for these, click on this link.  Please talk with Rama (Peter Buckley) if you have any questions about this.

The following information is required when making your booking:

Camping Costs and Payments per site.

Family Camp Costs

The E1 form is for non-members and those who do not have access to CareMonkey.

E1 Family Camp 2019.pdf

Cockatoo Island - 1st and 2nd December 2018

Our biennial (every 2 years) outing to Cockatoo Island is on again.  This is a Group event with the Scouts and Venturers journeying either by sailing, canoeing or taking the scenic route on the ferry.  The Joeys and Cubs are invited to join in on the Sunday.

Saturday departure for Scouts and Venturers.

Sailing:        Leave Meadowbank around 9:00 Saturday morning and sail to Cockatoo Island.  The power boat will accompany the boats.

Canoeing:   Leave Burns Bay Reserve around 9:00 and paddle to cockatoo Island.  

Ferry:          Catch a ferry from Meadowbank to Cockatoo Island.

Return Journey.

Canoes and boats to leave Cockatoo Island to be back at Meadowbank and Burns Bay Reserve by 4:30 pm.  Canoes then to be returned to Meadowbank to be washed and put away.

Pick up by parents at Meadowbank Boatshed around 5:30 pm.

Sunday departure for Cubs and Joeys.

Return journey:

Depart Cockatoo Island at 2:58 pm to arrive at Epping Station at 3:53 pm.

Please refer to the additional information contained in the CareMonkey eForm of the attached E1 Activity Notification forms.

Armistice Day - Sunday 11th November 2018

The Epping RSL will be commemorating the Centenary of Armistice Day on Sunday 11th November, 2018.

Current members are invited to meet at the rear of the Coles car park at 10:15 am for a 10:30 start.    There will be a service at the Cenotaph followed by a wreath laying ceremony.  Parents are welcome to participate in the event or pick up their children from the Cenotaph from around 11:15 onward.


As we are on show to the public and representing the Scout Movement, particular attention must be placed on appearance.  You are expected to wear FULL uniform.  this includes your section shirt, scarf and woggle.  For Joeys, wear stone coloured or grey school trousers or similar.  For Cubs and older, the current style is the Snowgum zip-off pants in stone colour or similar or school trousers.  Shoes should be black or brown (no runners please).  Jeans are not considered as part of the uniform and should not be worn.


Page 1 of this E1 Activity Notification Form is to be completed for each non-member who is attending this activity.  Please bring page 1 with you on the day and give it to one of the Epping Leaders.  Current members are to use the CareMonkey invitation and NOT this form.  


Participation in this event will go towards achieving this annual badge.  It is awarded to Joeys for attending 1 of these events, to Cubs for attending 2 of these events and Scouts, Venturers and Rovers for attending 3 events within each calendar year.  Participation in other military activities/events will also go toward being awarded this badge.  Please notify your Section Leader (by email) if you have participated in other relevant activities, eg participation at school or other events.

Armistice Day 2018 E1.pdf