New Members

New Members

For more information on joining, please also see the FAQ page.


New chums attend 2 to 3 meetings on a trial basis and learn about the Scout Movement before being invited to make the Scout Promise and be invested.

Membership Application Form:

When you are invited to attend your first meeting, please complete a Youth Member Application (Y1) form. This will generate a PDF version which will be forwarded to the Group Leader. Please submit this before attending the meeting.

Child Protection Guide:

The Scout Association (NSW) has published a Child Protection Policy and Procedure which explains the Association's commitment to child protection. Please take the time to read this. It can be found at: Child Health Safety.


Prior to their investiture, you need to purchase a section shirt. These can be ordered online from The Scout Shop. Make sure that you select the one for your section ie. Brown for Joeys, Yellow for Cubs etc. You are welcome to choose either the Polo or button up style as they are both acceptable. Trousers are to be a stone colour. This is optional but recommended as it allows better identification as a member of the Worldwide Scouting Movement. The full uniform is essential when attending special occasions. The scarf, woggle (the thing that holds the scarf together) and the badges are provided by the group at the investiture ceremony. Refer to the file listed below for the badge placements information about where each badge should be placed.


The annual fee for 2021 is $468. This will cover you until the end of March 2022. There is also a one-off $70 joining fee. You will receive 2 separate invoices for these fees.

  • The first invoice will be for $240 and issued by the Scout Association. This covers insurance and administration costs and is paid directly to the Scout Association.

  • The second invoice covers the Epping Scout Group's costs which go toward the purchase of equipment like tents and camping gear, property maintenance, electricity and water services, support for and training of the leaders, in-hall activities, etc. This is currently set at $228 and is paid to the Epping Group.

If you are eligible to claim your Active Kids Rebates against Scout fees, this is to be applied to the Scout Association invoice.

You will be issued with an invoice after attending 3 to 4 meetings. Payment by EFT is our preferred method as it is prompt, secure and enables us to identify from whom the payment was made. Payment is required before the investiture can take place.


The investiture is a special occasion for both the youth member and also their family who are welcome to attend the investiture and take photos of the event. With the help of the leader, the youth member will repeat the section Promise in front of the other members of their section. They will then be presented with the badges as the significance of each is explained. Finally, they will be presented with the Group scarf. At this point the newly invested member will turn around to face the other youth members and salute them before returning to the circle.

More Information for New Members

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