Epping Scouts is a vibrant Scouting group in Northern Sydney, NSW, Australia. The group is one of the oldest in Australia.
All 5 scouting sections are represented – starting at age 6 with Joeys and running through Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and finally the young adult group Rovers.

Scouts participate in a wide range of exciting activities - including camps, hiking and even water sports at our own boatshed, and we all have great fun. We are very much a part of the local community.

New members of all ages are welcome. Visit our FAQ page to see more info.
Contact us at group@eppingscouts.com.au.
Fertiliser Drive - 5th September, 2015
We are again running our annual fertiliser drive to home deliver good quality fertiliser at fantastic prices.  Click here for further information.

The Epping Scout Group has celebrated its centenary on 11th July 2015.  Click here for further information about our Centenary activities.

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