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The Epping Scout Group was formed on 3rd July 1915 and has been running continuously since then.  Over the years, thousands of people have been involved with the group, either as a youth member, a leader, or supporting the group as a committee member, parent, or helper in one way or another. 

Centenary Badge competition
This has now closed.  The winner from each section and the final Group Centenary badge will be announced at the celebration dinner on 11th July.

Centenary Celebration events
The official Centenary celebration will be held on Saturday 11th July.  Find out more here.

If you would like to attend these functions please contact us at centenary@eppingscouts.com.au

Group History 
We are seeking information from past members and the general public to enable us to compile and publish "The First 100 Years of Scouting in Epping".  Are you able to assist with the research, production and compilation of what we hope will be a memorable part of Epping's Scouting history?  If you are able to assist in any way, please contact us at centenary@eppingscouts.com.au.  There would be a lot of useful information in people's heads and their homes.  We need as much of this as possible to ensure the most accurate history of the group.
We are also compiling a list of past members and others who are interested in being involved with the centenary celebrations.  Please send your contact details, along with information about when and how you were involved with the group.
The following sections and groups will be included as they are all a part of the history of this group.
  • Scouts - from 1915
  • Cubs - from 1922
  • Rovers - from 1922
  • Sea Scouts - from 1935 to about 1987
  • Venturers - from 1947
  • Air Scouts - from 1960 to 1987
  • Joeys
From our research so far, the following groups have existed in the Epping area over this period.
  • 1st Epping - from 1915 to 2002
  • 1st Epping Rovers - from 1922 to current
  • Epping - from 2003 to current
  • 2nd Epping - from 1924 to 1927,  from 1930 for a few years
  • 2nd Epping (St Albans) - from 1948 to 1960   (1976 Queens Scout - Bruce Thurgood)
  • 3rd Epping - from 1938 to 1948
  • 4th Epping - from 1945 to 1948
  • 1st Nth Epping - from 1961 to 1985      (1975 Queens Scout - Ronald Jarman - 1987)
  • 2nd Nth Epping - from 1965 to 1985   (1975 Queens Scout - Peter Elliott, Gary Stellar)
  • 3rd Nth Epping - 
  • 1st/2nd Nth Epping - from 1986 to 2002  (1975 Queens Scout - Bo Bjorklund - 2001)
  • 1st West Epping - from 1947 to 2010   (1975 Queens Scouts)
  • 2nd West Epping - 1957 to                   (1969 Queens Scout - Phillip Shepherd - 1985)
  • 3rd West Epping (Karonga School) - 1978 to 
  • 1st Roselea -                to current
  • 1st Nth Carlingford - from 1964
  • 2nd Nth Carlingford 1969 to              (1989 Queens Scout - Stewart Robley - 1996)
This information will be updated as it becomes available.