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State Jamborette, Canberra - October Long Weekend

posted 5 Aug 2011, 18:49 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 11 Oct 2011, 05:52 ]
Latest Update: It's a go!! A1 form is now available
Looks like we will be able to get enough numbers from the Sydney North Region to allow us to go as a troop. The A1 is now uploaded below. The closing date for registration is 16th September - Not very long at all, so if you are planning to go, please fill in the A1 and hand it, together with the $170 fee to Shaggy by Wed, 7th September at the latest.
Let Shaggy know if you want to go!!!
October may seem a long way away, but these things take time to organise. I don't have much information as yet, but I though that I'd share what I do have so far on this Camp. Basically the information in the following link is all that's been published so far: http://www.patroltent.com/content/event/system/355/nsw-state-jamborette

Our main challenge is numbers - and not just our own, but because the organisers have decided that they want to camp as troops of 40 in order to reduce the amount of gear that each smaller troop would have to bring, we basically have to look to the Sydney North Region to pull us into a Regional Troop. This organisation is very similar (so I am told) in structure to a Jamboree Troop.

I think this would be a great event for us to attend, Epping has never attended one before but I'm told by other leaders in the district that it's great. So I'm more than willing to push this along in our district and region. What I need help from Scouts, tho', is a strong commitment to go - the more firm the number of our Scouts intending to attend, the easier it will be to get other Troops in the region to join up. In fact - if all 32 of our Scouts were to attend, we'd be nearly there.

So think about it and let me know if you would like to go and how likely you are to be able to go. Get back to me either via e-mail or at our meetings (actually - send me e-mail anyway, that way I won't forget). I'll send more information as I get it.
State Jamorette this year is being held at Camp Cottormouth in the ACT: http://maps.google.com.au/maps/place?q=camp+cottermouth&cid=13835033485063509251
Thanks - Shaggy
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