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Happy New (Scouting) Year!!!

posted 24 Jan 2012, 02:19 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 24 Jan 2012, 02:19 ]
Welcome back to a brand new Scouting year.

2012 will be a busy and exciting year as not only will we be doing all the things we normally do - Sirius Cup, Scout Hike, District Camp, etc - this year we will also be preparing those of our Scouts who are qualified for it, to participate in the Australian Jamboree (AJ2013). Remember that Scouting is about the troop working as a team, so this preparation is not just about those Scouts who are going to Jamboree in 2013 preparing themselves for the adventure of a lifetime, it is also about older Scouts who have had the opportunity to go to a previous Jamboree helping them and also about younger Scouts who may not qualify for AJ2013 taking this opportunity to learn for the next one. So let's make this a team effort.

In the more immediate future - the Scout Program for Term 1 of 2012 has just been published on our Web Site. Our first meeting is on Wednesday 1st Feb, 7:00 - 9:00pm at Essex Street Hall - the theme will be "Welcome Back"

Some of the more important dates for the next few months to mark in your calendar are:
  • Family Camp (10th - 12th Feb) - this will be held at Nords Wharf and is always a fun relaxing weekend for the whole family, make sure you get your parents to mark it in the calendar (and go of course - it's no use just marking it in the calendar - is it?)
  • Overnight Hike (25th - 26th Feb) - Shaggy is planning an adventurous hike to an interesting destination... stay tuned
  • Sirius Cup (9th - 11th Mar) - We'll have a strong sailing team this year, let's go for it!!
  • AJ2013 Registrations Close (15th Mar) - for those going, register NOW!!!
  • Environment Camp (31st Mar - 1st Apr) - your chance to achieve the Environment badge in one weekend (and do some camping to boot)
  • Youth Leadership Course (21st - 22 Apr) - happens during the term 1 holidays, essential if you ever hope to get your Scout Medallion, but also very useful skills for the rest of your life
  • Scout Hike (4th - 6th May) - Get ready.... it'll be cool this year