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Escape and Evade Hike 2012

posted 4 Aug 2012, 04:56 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 6 Aug 2012, 00:31 ]
The Bidelonian Bandits (BBS) have again been sighted in the peaceful nation of Waldonia. The Waldonian Able Security Parol (WASP) have reports that the Bandits are again planning another daring assault on one of the nation’s vaults. Their intelligence has determined that this will occur over 18-19 August.

The WASP are looking for assistance with this matter. Your mission is to gather a Patrol of like-minded individuals and start the chase to recover the stolen bounty. You will need to register you intentions with your leader so that your Patrol can be registered for this event. As you will need to move quickly over the terrain you will need to pack lightly.

On your journey members of the Waldonian Secret Service and WASP will be around to assist you and you will need to be wary of the Bidelonian Bandits who will be trying to recover the bounty that they dropped.

When: 18-19 August

Start: Saturday, 12:00 at 1st Belrose Scout Hall (Maitland Street)

Finish: Sunday, 14:00 at 1st Balgowlah Scout Hall (Pickworth Avenue)

Cost: $10 per person

Note for Scouts
· You will need to be self-sufficient for the weekend, bringing and carrying their own tents, food (Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast with Sunday lunch provided) and normal hike gear.
· You will need to be packed for light weight hiking.
· You will be camping somewhere on Saturday night, with leaders nearby. There will facilities and water (both hot and cold) will be available.
· Mobile phones and other electronic devices are not to be brought, due to the likelihood of water ingress (they might get wet) or lost - there will be a check before we leave to ensure such items are not being carried.
· There will be a boating leg on the hike.
Epping Scouts,
4 Aug 2012, 04:56