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News and Events: 2012

Sirius Cup: 8th - 10th March, 2013

posted 6 Mar 2013, 23:09 by Epping Scouts Group Admin   [ updated 6 Mar 2013, 23:15 ]

The 63rd Sirius Cup is on at Balmoral Beach.  The Scouts will be arriving to stake out our site on Balmain Park on Friday evening.  By Saturday morning, the Cubs arrive swelling the numbers to many hundreds.  After registering with your section leaders and obtaining your coloured wrist band, you will be able to enter some of the canoeing events.  For the qualified sailors, there will be an opportunity to reclaim the treasured Sirius Cup which was won by Jack and Chris a few years ago.  There will be time for swimming and playing on beautiful Balmoral Beach.  In the evening, there are usually a couple of movies being shown on the big screen (sheet) for us to watch before sleeping overnight in tents.

Sunday morning starts bright and early with the Iron Man events for all age groups.  There will be more time for swimming while the Scouts go on their annual canoe trek to Chinamans Beach then under the Spit Bridge, a round trip of about 5km.  Pack the boats and canoes back on the trailers, pack up the tents and camp site and head back to the hall to unload everything and pack it away.

Assistance is required from parents to help with setting up and packing away.  While you are at Balmoral, why not stay for a while to enjoy the excitement and the wonderful atmosphere of camping at one of Australia's most exclusive camping spots with million dollar views.  You can also chat with other parents and leaders while helping with preparing the meals and snacks.

Attached is a copy of the permission note that needs to be completed by all people attending the event.

Scuba Diving / Water Safety Nite: 7 Nov 2012

posted 29 Oct 2012, 04:04 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 29 Oct 2012, 04:04 ]

There are 2 events to choose from on this night
1. Scuba Diving - there is a limit of 16 for this activity and cost is $30 per person
2. Water Safety - those who cannot or do not wish to join the Scuba Diving class can, instead, hop into the pool to work on their Water Safety proficiency. The cost for this alternative is $10
Scuba Diving: This activity is conducted by a professional diving school located close to (but not within) the Willoughby Aquatic Center. As mentioned above, places are limited to 16 and Scouts will be accommodated on a first come first served basis. Cost for the night's training is $30 and includes basic introductory instructions, gear hire as well as practical dive training in a pool. Please also complete (and sign) the attached Registration Card beforehand as this will save us time on the night.
Water Safety: for those unable (if we exceed the 16 person limit) or uninterested in Scuba Diving, we will also be conducting a "Water Safety" night at the Willoughby Leisure Center's pool. This is designed to help Scouts achieve the Water Safety proficiency at Red, Blue or Green levels. Water Safety is a required proficiency for many other Scout Activities such as Canoeing and Sailing. cost for this activity is $10.00 for admission and lane booking.
Drop off and Pick up: Regardless of which of the 2 above activities you choose, drop off and pick up for the night will be at the Willoughby Aquatic Center (Small Street, Willoughby - from Chatswood, go down Willoughby Rd. and look out for the Porsche Car Dealership). Drop off time is 6:30pm and pickup is 9:00pm
What to wear: Swimmers

Required paperwork: Please fill in the attached A1 permission note, indicating which activity you are signing up for (remember - you may not get Scuba diving if we get too many takers). In addition, if you are Scuba Diving, please also fill in the attached Registration Card (needed by the dive training center)

Halloween Graveyard Ramble

posted 27 Oct 2012, 05:42 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 27 Oct 2012, 05:42 ]

Epping Venturers invite you on a creepy, scary Halloween Graveyard Ramble. Do you dare take the challenge? Of course you do - there will be lollies.....

Location is the North Rocks Catholic Cemetery. Please drop off and pick up from Parma Ave. (see attached map). Bring:
* A torch
* A water bottle

* Suitable closed in shoes
* Halloween - themed costume (and your scarf)

Attached is the A1 permission note. Please fill in, get parents to sign and bring it on the day....

District Wide Game: Friday 26th Oct, 7:00 - 9:30pm

posted 15 Oct 2012, 19:35 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 15 Oct 2012, 19:35 ]

What is a Wide Game? A wide game is one in which Scouts play over a wide area
What is a District Wide Game? A wide game (see above) that includes all Scout Troops in our district (Yanagin).
As we will NOT be holding a Scout Meeting on Wednesday this week - it is expected that our Scouts patrticipate in this event. It'll be a fun way to meet other Scouts in our area. Please fill in the attached A1 and return to Shaggy
This year's Yanagin District Wide Game is "Monopoly - Eastwood Edition"...
Scouts will be working in Patrols or maximum 6 Scouts to complete a question/answer type activity throughout the local Eastwood Marsfield area. The playing area is bounded approximately by Epping Rd, Blaxland Rd, Balaclava Rd, Lovell & Herring Rds.
Leaders will be positioned at major points along the route. There will be a BBQ for participants at the final location.
Scouts should assemble at 7pm at Eastwood/Marsfield Scout Hall - 72 Agincourt Rd Marsfield. DO NOT BE LATE because we will be moving to Dunbar Park soon after to begin the game.
Scouts will be ready for pickup by 9:30 pm at Jim Walsh Park - Graham Ave Eastwood (park entrance opposite about #16)

Scouts should bring:
- Jacket (if cold)
- Raincoat (if wet)
- Torch (and spare batteries)
- COMPASS (this is essential - there must be at least one per Patrol)
- Bottle of water to drink (they will be doing lots of walking)
- A Pen
- Wear sneakers
- Wear Scout uniform (make sure your woggles are well secured)
If parents would like to stay and help run the evening they are very welcome. PLEASE fill in an A1 form, as well. You will be situated with a Scout Leader.

Eastwood / Marsfield JOTA: Sat 20th - Sun 21st Oct. 3:00pm - 2:00pm

posted 15 Oct 2012, 19:25 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 15 Oct 2012, 19:25 ]

Eastwood / Marsfield Scout Troop run an overnight JOTA / JOTI event. This gives the opportunity to talk to Scouts from other parts of the world who may not be in the same timezone as Australia.
See attached document for more details. If you would like to attend, please let Shaggy know.

Epping Group JOTA: Sat 20th Oct. 2:30 - 4:00pm

posted 15 Oct 2012, 19:19 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 15 Oct 2012, 19:19 ]

Event: Jamboree of the Air (JOTA) and Internet (JOTI)

Date: Saturday, 20 October 2012

Time: Anytime between 2:30 – 4:00 pm

Where: Lower Hall, 230 Boundary Rd, North Epping


Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is an annual event in which about 500,000 Scouts and Guides all over the world make contact with each other by means of amateur radio. Radio signals carry their voices to virtually every corner of the world! Cubs and Scouts will have the opportunity to work on part of their Codes and Signals Achievement badge and Communications Achievement badges.
R.S.V.P to Kanga (joeys@eppingscouts.com.au)

Term 4 program now out!!!

posted 26 Sept 2012, 06:00 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 26 Sept 2012, 06:00 ]

Our Epping Scouts program for Term 4 is now out. It'll be a busy, especially those preparing for AJ2013, but as usual - lots of fun to be had along the way. The highlights for this term will be:
Group Camp - Camp Windeyer is a great camp site. There is no road access, so the only way across is via boat - how cool is that?
Scuba diving nite - Willoughby. Unfortunately, numbers are limited - so first in best dressed
Ventout - Camp Ku-ring-gai. Lots of fun and you find out all about being a venturer
And to close off the year - our usual Wet 'n Wild waterslide, but this year will also feature a campfire party hosted by Venturers
Print out a copy of the pergram now and stick it to your fridge!!!

Wanderee: Thursday 4th Oct - Sunday 7th Oct

posted 16 Sept 2012, 01:51 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 16 Sept 2012, 01:54 ]

What is is?
Wanderee is a combined bush walking, award scheme activity.  Camping is at a fixed location and is on private property at Mt. Irvine. Scouts provide their own food and cook in Patrols. Fireplaces & hot water will be provided. Scouts to navigate with daypacks to map referenced activity points where they will do ~2hrs badge work (vs Scouthike 20mins).

Leaders will run each of the Activity Points (APs). Walks will be on Fire Trails or defined tracks through the Blue Mountains National Park surrounding Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine.  Scouts will be instructed not to leave these under any circumstances.  Scouts will walk between APs unattended. Prior to leaving HQ in the morning, each Patrol's planned route for the day will be checked by a Leader. The PL and one other Scout may carry a mobile phone so they can call HQ should they need to.  Reception is however patchy.
Where is it?
A private property on Mount Wilson. Drive via M2 & M7 exit Richmond Rd/Blacktown Rd through North Richmond on Bells Line of Road, through Bilpin, Mt Tomah, turn Right for Mt Wilson.  Proceed towards Mt Irvine. At "T" intersection turn left into Mt Irvine Road.  Follow this all the way to the intersection with Bowens Creek Road.
Turn left and continue until you see the Wanderee sign.  Follow this and the other Wanderee signs you see.  They will lead you to a gate through which you will enter the property where we stay.  After passing through the gate, shut it if you found it shut.  The camp is directly ahead.
We will need some parental support to drive Scouts to and from the event.
What do I do next?
Fill in the attached A1 form and hand it to Shaggy, together with the $100 fee - fee includes camp fee, food and transportation

Adventure Hike: Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd September

posted 3 Sept 2012, 04:01 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 26 Sept 2012, 05:41 ]

Adventure and excitement in a pristine natural environement... Discover hiden canyons and swimming holes, marvel at the magnificent scenery, rough it out sleeping in a cave, drink from a crystal clear stream - what a way to spend your weekend!!!
You can do this and more (like work on your badgework) on our Adventure Hike. The details:
The hike is to the location known as "Deep Pass" in the Wollemi National Park. There is water and a pit toilet available at the camp site.
Getting there and back
We will require parents to help with transport - and hopefully, join us on our adventure. We will start from Essex Street on Friday evening after dinner, we then head towards Mt Wilson via Windsor and the Bells Line of Road. Due to the distance, we will camp overnight at the Cathedral Reserve, Mount Wilson we will be arriving late and night, so be prepared to setup in the dark.
The next morning, after a quick breakfast, we continue along the Bells Line of Road to the Zig Zag Railway where we turn off onto unsealed roads (about 10km) to Deep Pass, 2-wd access is possible (slowly). Attached is a road map to to Mt' Wilson and Deep Pass.
Hike Route
The hike itself is only 500m but incorporates some steep sections. The location contains may opportunities to explore and have great adventures.
What to bring
  • All food and drinks - Scouts will hike in patrols and share food and cooking
  • Each hiker will need to bring about 2ltrs of water.
  • Fuel stoves for cooking - Scouts will share
  • Hike Tents - Scouts will share
  • Comfortable walking shoes or boots with support
  • Warm clothing. Wet weather gear
  • Compass, pocket note book, personal first aid kit, flashlight and all other equipment for overnight hiking.
  • All gear should be brought in a backpack
  • If you are unsure of what to bring - ask your PL or a Leader
$40 per Scout - covers food and shared transport. Adults at reduced cost depending on transportation arrangements.
Parents and Family
Parents (and cub aged siblings) are welcome to join us on the hike and camp but sorry - no pets as we'll be hiking through a National Park.
Due Date
Please fill in the attached A1 Form and hand it to Shaggy by Wed 12th September

Indoor Rock Climbing: Wed 19th Sept

posted 23 Aug 2012, 23:56 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 23 Aug 2012, 23:56 ]

This is our last meeting for term 3 and we'll be going indoor rock climbing.
What is it? Indoor rock climbing

Where is it? "ClimbFit", 4/12 Frederick Street,  St. Leonards, New South Wales 2065. Across the street from the new "Homebase" shopping center, drive about 1/2 way down the row of factories and offices.
When is it?
Wednesday 19th Sept (our last meeting for Term 3), 6:45pm - 9:00pm
How Much Is it? $16.00
What do I get for my money? 2 hours of climbing, all necessary equipment, basic instructions
What else should I bring? A drink
What about parents? Parents are encouraged to stay and help belay (hold the end of the rope and don't let go) the Scouts. You are also welcome to try rock climbing, but will have to pay separately on the night.
What do I do next? Fill in the A1 Permission Note below and had it to Shaggy, together with your $16 fee by Wed 5th Sept

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