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Wanderee: Mt Irvine, Thurs 2nd - Sun 5th October

posted 11 Aug 2014, 04:12 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 1 Sept 2014, 03:57 ]
What is is?
Wanderee it is a four day camp conducted at Mt Irvine in the Blue Mountains.  The camp site is on  private property and is run on a Patrol basis.  The main purpose of this camp is to build the Bush skills i.e. Navigation, Hiking, Cooking and Emergency First Aid.  The Camp is aimed at all Scouts able to camp for four days and to improve their Bush/Hiking skills.  Scouts are based in one spot and hike to the various activities each day.  They are to provide their own food, mess kits, and tents with the Camp providing cooking drums, water, washing up facilities and toilets. 

This year we will be providing the opportunity for Scouts to run a Blue or Green level journey.  For both of these we would provide the actual journey route but with the Scout having to do all of the usual planning.  Naturally we would require sufficient prior notice to enable us to ensure an appropriate level of skill and planning is applied.

The Camp is run for Patrols of 4-6 Scouts but these do not necessarily need to be from the same Troop if sufficient numbers in your Troop are not there.  We would be happy to assist in joining Troops together.  We also expect to have a Leader form each Troop present to assist in the running of bases for the activities.

The cost is $35 for the Scouts for the week end.  For Leaders the cost is $45 which includes food for the four days.

Leaders will run each of the Activity Points (APs). Walks will be on Fire Trails or defined tracks through the Blue Mountains National Park surrounding Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine.  Scouts will be instructed not to leave these under any circumstances.  Scouts will walk between APs unattended. Prior to leaving HQ in the morning, each Patrol's planned route for the day will be checked by a Leader. The PL and one other Scout may carry a mobile phone so they can call HQ should they need to.  Reception is however patchy.
Where is it?
A private property on Mount Wilson. Drive via M2 & M7 exit Richmond Rd/Blacktown Rd through North Richmond on Bells Line of Road, through Bilpin, Mt Tomah, turn Right for Mt Wilson.  Proceed towards Mt Irvine. At "T" intersection turn left into Mt Irvine Road.  Follow this all the way to the intersection with Bowens Creek Road. 
Turn left and continue until you see the Wanderee sign.  Follow this and the other Wanderee signs you see.  They will lead you to a gate through which you will enter the property where we stay.  After passing through the gate, shut it if you found it shut.  The camp is directly ahead.
We will need some parental support to drive Scouts to and from the event.
What do I do next?
There will a booking system through SNR web site which will have further details including the location details, but PLEASE INDICATE YOU INTEREST IN ATTENDING TO A LEADER so that we can plan for this activity

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