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Dec 16th 2015, End of year event - Iceblocking!!!

posted 22 Nov 2015, 01:50 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 22 Nov 2015, 01:51 ]
Make of get yourself a large block of ice, sit on it, and then launch yourself down a steep hill - what could possibly go wrong???? Nothing - if you are well prepared with
  1. A bicycle helmet
  2. Closed in shoes
  3. A sense of self preservation, and ...
  4. A towel
Ice blocks may be made at home by filling a 5lt plastic container 2/3 full and placing in your freezer. Make sure you do this the week before to ensure that it is fully frozen. Bring a tea towel to sit on and you're all set.

Also - as this will be our end of year party, bring a snack or plate to share. Other sections and Scout Troops may also be joining us for this fun activity to close out a fantastic year.
Epping Scouts,
22 Nov 2015, 01:50