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Canoe Camp - 28th - 29th Nov

posted 4 Nov 2015, 02:09 by Epping Scouts
What is it?
A Canoe camp, we take our canoes to a launch point. Get in them, Paddle to a campsite and camp overnight. The next day, we paddle back and go home.

Where is it going to happen?
The plan is to launch from the boat ramp at Mooney Mooney, just off the F3 freeway on the Hawksbury rivver. Then we paddle across the river and up Marramarra Creek to camp at the designated campsite on Marramarra Creek (same one we use for Spring Hike)

Who can go?
Because this activity does involve canoeing, preference will be given to Scouts who have completed the Canoe Course and have obtained their Level 2 canoeing qualifications. Scouts without this qualification will be admitted based on the number of Scouts with qualifications as we will need to have maintain a proportion of qualified vs unqualified Scouts to ensure safety

What to pack?
Same as a "normal" hike, except that you will need to pack your gear into waterproof bags. the Scout Troop has some dry bags that can be lent out, but sup[ply your own if you have one. A personal gear list will be provided.

Can Parents go?
Yes - if you have had canoeing experience, you are welcome to join us. Please talk to Shaggy

What do I have to do next?
Indicate your intention to participate by filling in the attached e1 form and returning it to Shaggy ASAP

Epping Scouts,
4 Nov 2015, 02:09
Epping Scouts,
4 Nov 2015, 02:09