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Sirius Cup - 17th-19th March 2017

posted 5 Mar 2017, 20:41 by Epping Scouts Group Admin   [ updated 5 Mar 2017, 20:53 ]

The 67th Sirius Cup is on at Balmoral Beach.  The Scouts will be arriving to stake out our site on Balmain Park on Friday evening.  By Saturday morning, the Cubs arrive swelling the numbers to many hundreds.  After registering with your Section Leader and obtaining your coloured wrist band, you will be able to enter some of the canoeing events.  For the qualified sailors, there will be an opportunity to reclaim the treasured Sirius Cup which was won by Jack and Chris in 2009.  There will be time for swimming and playing on beautiful Balmoral Beach.  In the evening, there are usually a couple of movies being shown on the big screen (sheet) for us to watch before sleeping overnight in tents.

Sunday morning starts bright and early with the Iron Man events for all age groups.  There will be more time for swimming while the Scouts go on their annual canoe trek to Chinamans Beach then under the Spit Bridge, a round trip of about 5km.  Pack the boats and canoes back on the trailers, pack up the tents and camp site and head back to the hall to unload everything and pack it away.

Assistance is required from parents to help with setting up and packing away.  While you are at Balmoral, why not stay for a while to enjoy the excitement and the wonderful atmosphere of camping at one of Australia's most exclusive camping spots with million dollar views.  You can also chat with other parents and leaders while helping with preparing the meals and snacks.  
More details and the program is published here:  http://siriuscup.webs.com/page2.html
Attached is a copy of the permission note that needs to be completed by all people attending the event.

Yanagin District Hike 2016

posted 14 Mar 2016, 00:17 by Epping Scouts

When is it?
Sat 2nd April – Sun 3rd April
What is it?
An overnight hike with Scouts from other troops in our District.
What will you get out of it?
  • Experience - you will be hiking as a patrol with patrols from th
  • e rest of the district. You will be hiking in a National Park surrounded by nature.
  • Skill – teach you what you need to know about preparing for and participating in an overnight hike with your patrol and also how to deal with situations that you may encounter along the way.
  • Fun – there will be challenges and activities before, during and after the hike. Points will be awarded, prizes will be handed out… and stories will be shared.
Where is it?

Saturday – travel via train from Epping Station to Heathcote, hike 10KM to Camp Coutts

Saturday Night – Camp overnight at Camp Coutts, enjoy a campfire, skits and other entertainment

Sunday – hike 2KM to Waterfall and take a train back to Epping Station and then home
How do I sign up?
Fill in the E1 form below and return it to your Scout Leader
Form a patrol, print out the Map and Instructions below and map out your route

Environment Hike. 20 - 21st Feb

posted 30 Jan 2016, 20:12 by Epping Scouts

Looking upstream at the Y junction on the Wollengamie River Crossing. 56S 246255E 6293676NThe Wollengambe River in the Blue Mountains runs through some of the most pristine wilderness areas and has provided generations of Scouts with many adventures. However, it is not without it's problems. The Clarence Colliery is situated at the head of the river and over the years, there have been many incidents where pollutants from the colliery has spilled into the river. the most recent such event was early last year.

This hike is the first in a series that will allow Scouts to get first hand knowledge about what effects such events have on a river system. We will observe, measure and the monitor the water quality in the river and have fun at the same time. This activity can also go towards part of your Environment target badgework - check your Green Books for details.

Dec 16th 2015, End of year event - Iceblocking!!!

posted 22 Nov 2015, 01:50 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 22 Nov 2015, 01:51 ]

Make of get yourself a large block of ice, sit on it, and then launch yourself down a steep hill - what could possibly go wrong???? Nothing - if you are well prepared with
  1. A bicycle helmet
  2. Closed in shoes
  3. A sense of self preservation, and ...
  4. A towel
Ice blocks may be made at home by filling a 5lt plastic container 2/3 full and placing in your freezer. Make sure you do this the week before to ensure that it is fully frozen. Bring a tea towel to sit on and you're all set.

Also - as this will be our end of year party, bring a snack or plate to share. Other sections and Scout Troops may also be joining us for this fun activity to close out a fantastic year.

Colo River Lilo Hike 12th - 13th Dec

posted 4 Nov 2015, 02:35 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 30 Nov 2015, 00:59 ]

This is a great adventure for thoe interested in advancing their hiking skills. We will hike down some pretty steep gradients to the Colo River, inflate our Lilos and then travel down river to a camp site along the river, then the next day, we float down river again to an exit point. From here, we hike up (again some steep gradients) back to our starting point

Who can go?
If you have never hiked before, then this is probably not the hike for you. However, if you have done a couple of hikes, can swim and are comfortable in the water, then you are bound to have a great time.
Where is it at?
we travel by car to Mountain Lagoon on Saturday, then hike down to the Colo river, float down river, camp overnight, float down river some more, exit the river, walk back to the cars, then come home

What do I need to bring?
Usual lightweight hiking gear PLUS a Lilo to float on AND a couple of garbage bags to make your pack waterproof. If you are unsure of what a Lilo is - ask Shaggy

What do I do next?
Fill in the attached E1 form and return it to Shaggy

  • What sort of Lilo do I need and where can I get one? These are ideal and you can get them here
  • What's it look like? Like this dude....

Canoe Camp - 28th - 29th Nov

posted 4 Nov 2015, 02:09 by Epping Scouts

What is it?
A Canoe camp, we take our canoes to a launch point. Get in them, Paddle to a campsite and camp overnight. The next day, we paddle back and go home.

Where is it going to happen?
The plan is to launch from the boat ramp at Mooney Mooney, just off the F3 freeway on the Hawksbury rivver. Then we paddle across the river and up Marramarra Creek to camp at the designated campsite on Marramarra Creek (same one we use for Spring Hike)

Who can go?
Because this activity does involve canoeing, preference will be given to Scouts who have completed the Canoe Course and have obtained their Level 2 canoeing qualifications. Scouts without this qualification will be admitted based on the number of Scouts with qualifications as we will need to have maintain a proportion of qualified vs unqualified Scouts to ensure safety

What to pack?
Same as a "normal" hike, except that you will need to pack your gear into waterproof bags. the Scout Troop has some dry bags that can be lent out, but sup[ply your own if you have one. A personal gear list will be provided.

Can Parents go?
Yes - if you have had canoeing experience, you are welcome to join us. Please talk to Shaggy

What do I have to do next?
Indicate your intention to participate by filling in the attached e1 form and returning it to Shaggy ASAP

District Wide Game - Friday 6th Nov

posted 2 Nov 2015, 02:02 by Epping Scouts

NOTE: There will be no Scout Meeting on Wednesday 4th November

This is the Annual Yanagin District Scout Widegame. This year it will take place wholly within the confines of Meadowbank Park near the Parramatta River. We will start and finish near the Soccer canteen building and BBQs which are near the carpark off Constitution Rd in Meadowbank.
It is Scoutgaine (like Rogaining but for Scouts!). Find the checkpoints, collect the most points and get back before the cut off time to maximise your points. It's about skills, navigation, hide and seek and strategy.
What you need to bring/wear:
- TORCH!!!!!! Preferably a head torch (spare batteries)
- Water bottle filled with water
- Uniform (tie a knot in your scarf or leave it in a bag so you don't lose your woggle - or cords!)
- Good running/walking shoes
- Small back pack
- Pen/pencil
To finish the night there will be a sausage on bread. BYO everything else.

Sailing Program for term 4

posted 12 Oct 2015, 01:58 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 26 Oct 2015, 06:55 by Epping Scouts Group Admin ]

For this term, we will be trialing the following arrangements for weekend sailing. An announcement will be made via the weekly email on whether sailing is available on the following Sunday. Scouts who want to participate must then indicate their interest by the Wednesday (or Friday for non-Epping Groups) during the regular Scout meeting or via return email. 

The sailing leaders will then confirm whether the activity is on or not based on this indication of interest. Please note that it would be really helpful if Scouts could decide early whether they will participate or not and follow through with that commitment or else we may have to cancel sailing all together.

Attached is an E1 form, please fill this in and return it if you want to participate. Note: only one E1 form per term is required, fill it in and return on your first participation in sailing.

Scout Abseil Day - Sun 15th November

posted 12 Oct 2015, 01:45 by Epping Scouts

Supervised by fully qualified Scout Abseil instructors, this is a great way for Scouts to learn how to abseil down a rock face in safety and comfort. There will also be a theory session presented by a member of the Rockcraft team at our Wednesday meeting on the 11th Nov. Participation in this theory night, the abseil day activity, together with completion of 5 abseils (which could be done on the day itself - time permitting) qualifies you for the Abseil target badge...

More information together with the permission forms are attached. 

Canoe Course:10 - 11th Oct and 31st Oct - 1st Nov

posted 29 Sept 2015, 03:26 by Epping Scouts   [ updated 4 Oct 2015, 23:07 ]

What is it?

  • A course run by qualified instructors to teach Scouts how to handle a canoe on flatwater
  • Upon successful completion of the course, Scouts will qualify for a “level 2” flatwater canoe certificate that will allow them to participate in Canoe expeditions. They will also get a “Blue Anchor” badge which is of equivalent value as a proficiency badge

When does it run?

  • Canoeing courses are run over 2 weekends in term 4 and term 1
  • Weekend 1 is non-residential (Scouts do not need to stay overnight) and covers topics associated with water safety and basic canoe skills.
  • Weekend 2 is an overnight canoe expedition where Scouts paddle as patrols to an overnight campsite, then return on the following day

Who can attend?

  • The canoe course is a Scout section activity. Cubs have a separate Canoe qualification

What do I need to be able to do first?

  • In order to ensure safety - Scouts must be able to swim 50 meters without the assistance of a flotation device in order to participate in this activity
What to wear?
  • Board shorts and a rash shirt or tee-shirt - be sunsmart
  • Water shoes - have to be enclosed, no Crocs or tongs please
  • Wide-brimmed hat (very important as the instructors will NOT let you participate without one)
What to bring on the first weekend (you will be instructed on what to pack for the expedition weekend)
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Water bottle (full)
  • Food - Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon tea
  • $50 fee to be handed to the organisers

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