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Mother's Day Flower Sales - 14th May 2017

posted 9 May 2017, 08:22 by Epping Scout Group   [ updated 9 May 2017, 08:24 ]
On Sunday 14th May we will be selling flowers for Mother's Day.  We will be setting up at the North Epping shops on Malton Road, Epping Oval on Norfolk Rd and Epping Railway Station opposite the Bendigo Bank. We are seeking volunteers to man the 3 stalls from about 7am until 11am or until the flowers run out.  We need a few parents on each shift and also quite a few kids to help with selling.  Joeys are especially welcome as they have the perfect sales technique.

Any flowers that are left over at the end of the morning are taken to Ryde hospital where the youth members present them to the mums.

Please consider donating some time on Sunday morning, an hour or 2 would be great and the children really love being little merchants.  Uniform is required for invested members.  Those who have not yet been invested are still welcome to participate.

This is one of the Group's biggest fundraisers of the year and the money we raise goes towards purchasing the equipment necessary to conduct the exciting activities such as canoeing, hiking, camping, boating etc, etc.

The attached spreadsheet sets out the time slots for the three selling venues.  Please let me know your preferred site and time slots and include the names of who will be attending.  It might be necessary to move people around on the day.

25% of the money raised from this event will go back to the families who participate, based on the time spent at the event.  You must remember to fill in the attendance sheet or you might miss out.

Your help is essential.  Please reply as soon as possible as some of the time slots fill up very quickly.

Please download and complete an E1 for each person participating in the event.
Epping Scout Group,
9 May 2017, 09:04