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Granny Smith Parade - Sat 19th October, 2013

posted 25 Sept 2013, 18:58 by Epping Scouts Group Admin   [ updated 25 Sept 2013, 21:58 ]
The local Scouts and Guides will be participating in the Granny Smith Parade through the streets of Eastwood.   Join the usual 100 + Scouts and Guides from Groups in our local district to show that the Scouting movement is alive and flourishing.  Let us make it the largest group in the parade.  The parade usually commences around 9:30 from the mustering location adjacent to Eastwood Oval.  This year, our float number is 18.  Eastwood/Marsfield's truck and Epping's boat will be there to help promote the Scouting movement.  At the end of the parade, meet up with your parents, spend some time at the stalls and amusements while taking in the festive atmosphere. 

Meet at float 18 from about 8:30.  The parade usually finishes around 11:00.  Meet up with your parents who should be waiting for us to return to our start point.

You will need to wear your Scout uniform (shirt, well folded scarf) and comfortable shoes for walking.  Do not forget to bring a hat and water bottle.  This is essential if it is going to be hot or sunny.

Bring a water bottle.  Print off the attached Activity Notification form and pass the completed form to one of the Epping Group Leaders at the parade.
Epping Scouts Group Admin,
25 Sept 2013, 21:59