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First Aid Courses - 2014

posted 25 Jan 2014, 22:35 by Epping Scouts Group Admin   [ updated 26 Sept 2014, 22:33 ]
The Scouts First Aid Support Team (FAST) runs many First Aid Courses throughout the year.  There are primarily 4 courses that they run which are suitable for Cubs, Scouts and Leaders.  Family members are also welcome to complete some of these courses at discounted prices.  The courses are run by Scout and Guide leaders who are also members of St John Ambulance Australia (NSW).
  • Emergency Life Support (formerly Preliminary First Aid and also First Aid for Juniors) is suitable for Cubs and Scouts aged 10 to 14.  It is a one day course and includes CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and the management of many First Aid emergencies.  This course not only provides you with the skills necessary to potentially save someone's life you will also complete the First Aid components necessary for attaining your Green Citizenship Badge as well as the Emergency First Aid Elective badge.
  • Provide First Aid (formerly Apply First Aid and also Senior First Aid) is the entry level course for adults and youth 14 and over.  It is run over 2 days but can be completed in one day providing the workbook or online sessions have been completed successfully. 
  • Remote Area First Aid is a 2 day course which covers situations where medical help can be delayed.  Current Provide First Aid qualifications are a pre-requisite for this course.
  • Advanced First Aid is a 3 day course and includes Advanced Resuscitation and Pain Management.  Current Provide First Aid qualifications are a pre-requisite for this course.
Each of these courses provides National qualifications which last for 3 years.  The only exception is that the Advanced Resuscitation and Pain Management are current for only 1 year.  However, the Advanced First Aid qualification is valid for 3 years.  Each of these courses entitles the recipient to wear the Green and White First Aid badge while their qualifications remain current.
Schedule of courses for 2014 and early 2015.
Emergency Life Support
Sun 26th October 2014 - Closing date 10 Oct
Sat 28th February 2015 - Closing date 13 Feb
Sat 23rd May 2015 - Closing date 8 May
Provide First Aid
Sun 26th Oct & Sun 2nd Nov 2014 - Closing date 10 Oct
Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Nov 2014 - Closing date 17 Oct - held at Kingsgrove
Sat 28th Feb & Sun 1st Mar 2015 - Closing date 13 Feb
Remote Area First Aid
Sat 9th, Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd Nov 2014 - Closing date 24 Oct
Sun 15th Feb, Sat 21st & Sun 22nd Mar 2015 - Closing date 30 Jan
Advanced First Aid
Refer to https://stjohnscoutsnsw.org.au/afa/ for more detailed information.
The courses are held at the Barra Brui Scout Hall, off Hunter Ave, St Ives, just west of Yarrabung Rd.  Follow the large water pipe and continue to the 2nd hall.  A completed E1 Permission note is required for all course attendees.  Either contact your Section Leader or Group Leader (Peter Buckley - Rama) for more information.