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Centenary Celebration - 11th July 2015

posted 20 Apr 2015, 03:43 by Epping Scouts Group Admin   [ updated 28 Apr 2015, 16:25 ]

Official Centenary Celebration
The official Centenary celebration will be held on Saturday 11th July.  Dignitaries are being invited to attend and there will be the unveiling of the refurbished Foundation Stone, which was originally laid at the site on 4th July 1925.  This event will run from 4pm until 5pm at the Scout Hall (6 Essex St, Epping).  You are all welcome to attend.  Please contact us at centenary@eppingscouts.com.au if you would like to come along to this event.  Our State and Federal MPs will be attending to show their support for the Group.

Centenary Celebration Dinner
Later that afternoon there will be a dinner at St Alban's Church Hall (3 Pembroke St, Epping) from 6pm until 9pm.  Come along and meet up with others from the Group's past and share some of your memories, and photos, over a meal.  The cost for this is $25 for adults and $15 for children, pensioners and current Epping Scout Group members.  The winners of the Centenary Badge Design competition for current youth members will be announced.

We would appreciate you sending through any stories of items of historical interest so that we can build up our Group's history.

If you would like to attend you can contact us at centenary@eppingscouts.com.au.  Refer to the Centenary celebration flyer below.

Epping Scouts Group Admin,
20 Apr 2015, 03:44