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Active Kids / Creative Kids Rebates

posted 20 Jul 2019, 01:18 by Epping Scout Group   [ updated 27 Jul 2019, 03:37 ]
The NSW Government has announced 2 Active Kids and 1 Creative Kids rebates of $100 each.  These are available to children aged between 4½ and 18 years.  These rebates may be used with any approved Active Kids Provider, like Scouts NSW, for registration and membership costs for sport and active recreation activities.  Active Kids 1 (AK1) and Creative Kids (CK1) are available to be claimed from January and Active Kids 2 (AK2) from July.  

State Government and Scouts NSW Rules:
  1. These rebates will be available each year from 2018 until 2021.
  2. AK1 and CK1 are available from January until December.  AK2 is available from July until December.
  3. The first Active Kids Rebate that a youth member applies to Scouts NSW will be put toward the youth member's membership fees (Scouts NSW component only - $42 per quarter plus their $35 joining fee).
  4. If both AK Rebates are applied to Scouts NSW in the same year, the $100 from the second voucher will be paid to the Group to be used to cover activity expenses for the individual member.
  5. The CK Rebate can only be applied to Gang Show registrations.
I am still waiting for clarification on how much will be available if the AK1 rebate is applied to another organisation and the AK2 rebate to Scouts NSW.  My concern is that there will be insufficient fees payable to Scouts NSW from 1st July for existing members to cover the $100 rebate.  If my interpretation is correct, if the AK2 rebate is applied between July and September the rebate available will be $84, or $42 if applied between October and December.  The residual will be forfeited to Scouts NSW.

Rules to be applied by the Epping Scout Group As at 27 July 2019.
  1. These rules will only apply if BOTH AK1 and AK2 vouchers for the same calendar year are applied to Scouts NSW.
  2. The Group Treasurer will maintain an account for each member who has applied both vouchers to Scouts NSW and deduct the relevant amount for each approved activity.
  3. Parents are to apply to the Treasurer when an eligible child is going to attend an approved activity. - See the next section for more details.
  4. For an activity to be approved, the cost must be $10 or more.  This will be reduced to $5 for Joey activities.
  5. Activity costs will not be allowed to be combined to reach the minimum amount.
  6. Transport costs, including use of an Opal Card, will be included providing the minimum spend for the activity is reached.
  7. Because a parent is required to accompany Joeys to activities, the cost for the parents can also be included.
  8. Any funds remaining at the end of December will automatically be applied to the youth member's annual fee invoice for the next year.
  9. If a youth member resigns and still has funds remaining, these funds will be transferred to another current family member of the Epping Scout Group or forfeited to the Group.
  10. Retrospective payments dating back to the "start of the current year only" will be allowed.
How to claim against your AK2 rebate:
When an approved activity is identified, and the cost has been determined:
  1. Parents of youth members who have an Active Kids balance are to send the following information to the Group Treasurer at treasurer@eppingscouts.com.au.  This table can be copied and pasted into an email.
  2. Send the email to the Group Treasurer and also copy this to the activity organiser.
  3. The funds will either be credited to the activity or be provided as a refund by EFT if the money has already been paid.

 Member's name 
 Membership Number 
 Name of Activity  
 Amount to be Claimed 
 Balance since last claim 
 Remaining balance 
 If a refund is required: BSB:

How the CK1 rebate will be claimed:
Contact your Gang Show organiser to find out more about this.

How to apply for the rebates:
If you want to apply the Active Kids rebate to Scout NSW you need to do both of the following for each rebate:
  1. Apply for the rebate voucher from Services NSW using this link, then
  2. Register the voucher with Scouts NSW using this link.  The Group Treasurer will be notified about 7 - 10 days later.
Further information:
Further information can be found at the following links.
Active Kids:
You can save up to $300 each year with these rebates. If you have not applied for both of the Active Kids rebates for this year, you can still register before the end of the year

Peter Buckley
Epping Scout Group Leader