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We are always looking for more leaders to provide the youth members with the best possible experience.  We have significant waiting lists in all of the younger sections and being able to sign up more leaders will allow us to offer the benefits of Scouting to more people.

Information about becoming a leader.
No prior experience is necessary to become a Scout Leader.  All leaders undergo training on all aspects of youth leadership, Programming Planning, Child Protection and Workplace Safety.  
Child Safety:
You will need to apply for a Working With Children Check (WWCC) - there is no cost for volunteers.  The Scout Association will organise a Police Check prior to you being accepted.
Training comprises a range of Computer Based Learning courses.  These can be completed within 2 - 3 months depending on how much time you are able to allocate to this.  There a a couple of weekend residential courses and some on-the-job training while attending the section meetings.  This completes the basic training and you receive your Leadership qualifications.  There are many other courses that are available if you are interested.  The qualifications gained can also be used outside Scouting. 
Keen and enthusiastic to see the kids learn and grow.
Attend as many of the weekly (during the school term) meetings and some weekend activities as well.  Attend a monthly Leader's meeting.  Participate in Group activities, some are weekend camps.
Spend time with your own kids or in another section if your kids don't think it cool.  Ongoing Personal Development, Opportunities for Leadership and Management qualifications.  Have fun.

If this interests you, please contact the Group Leader to find out more.

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 Group LeaderPeter Buckley (Rama)9876 43830404 136 350group@eppingscouts.com.au
Joey LeaderCarol Hoh (Kanga)

Asst. Joey LeaderLynne Blackford (Orca)   
Asst. Joey LeaderMelissa Oliveira Vaqueiro (Bagheera)    
Asst Joey Leader Ali Law   
Cub LeaderAlice Chaffey (Bagheera) 
Asst. Cub LeaderJeff Byron (Baloo)9876 1350  
Asst. Cub LeaderMitchell Stubbs (Akela)   
Asst. Cub LeaderHannah Chim  (Raksha)   
Asst Cub Leader Nelly Gong  (Mang)   
Asst. Cub LeaderMia Liu    (Chil)   
Asst. Cub LeaderSoumi Paul   
Scout LeaderSimon Batson (Strider)9876 5834 0414 906 272scouts@eppingscouts.com.au
Asst. Scout LeaderMathew Lim (Shaggy) 0404 058 060 
Asst. Scout LeaderSusana Catalina Prat   
Asst. Scout LeaderNoriko Burrows (Badger)   
Asst. Scout LeaderTymon Domanko   
Asst. Scout Leader James Gray (Cranks)    
Asst. Scout LeaderMarco Ling   
Venturer LeaderMaddison Domanko 0477 779 875venturers@eppingscouts.com.au
Asst. Venturer LeaderAnthony McKellar   
Asst. Venturer Leader Simone Haider   
Rover Crew LeaderTymon Domanko   CL@eppingrovers.com
Boating ActivitiesTim Denniss

 Dave McIntosh - (Brush Park)