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For JOTA/JOTI, this page will list some links to sites that visitors may find interesting. 
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Aboriginal Dreaming Stories Overview, animated, short tales, classroom plans, etc 
All Down Under Everything you ever wanted to know about Australia, music, culture, people, food, government, sport and slang. 
Australian Scouting Uniforms What uniforms are worn by different sections of Australian Scouting. 
Cumberland Gang Show Epping Scout Group has members regularly in both the Hornsby and Cumberland Gang Shows. 
Epping Rovers Arguably the oldest continuously running Rover crew in the world. They just celebrated their 98th anniversary. We are proud of them. 
Hornsby Gang Show Epping Scouts has regulars in both the Hornsby and Cumberland Gang Shows. 
J Code Code allows basic conversation between youngsters with no common language. 
JOTA/JOTI 2012 Qr Code Game Use your smartphone or tablet with a qr code app for a fun game that takes you around the world. 
JOTA/JOTI 2013 Find out more and register for JOTA/JOTI here. 
Morse Code Learn the morse code. Includes a translator which converts typed text. 
Northern District Times A weekly newspapers with local district news. 
Phonetic Alphabet Learn about the Phonetic Alphabet. Includes a translator. Just type your text. 
Scouting radio internet radio on scouting and guiding 
Scout Record Book Digital version of the Australian Scout Record Book which scouts use to keep track of their badgework. Free app for iphone/ipod touch and ipad. 
Scouts App free World Scouting App for the iPhone, created by Scout Australia member, Oleksander Motyka. With the new SCOUTS App, scouts from around the world can now access the latest scouting information from the World Organisation of the Scout Movement, directly on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile devices.  
Scouts Australia App Scouts Australia has an iphone/ipad/ipod touch app for free download. 
Scouts NSW, Australia All about scouting in New South Wales (NSW Australia) 
Semaphore font Can't remember your semaphore positions? This font will translate anything you type into semaphore pictograms. 
Sydney Landmarks A quick overview of popular Sydney landmarks. 
Sydney Morning Herald A major daily newspaper in Sydney. 
Sydney North Scouts Scouting in NSW in split into several regions, Epping is part of the Sydney North region. Scouting news here for the region. 
The Australian A daily national newspaper 
The Great North Walk Epping is close to The Great North Walk, a very popular 250 km trail from central Sydney to downtown Newcastle in Australia that passes through natural and urban environments. 
The Scouts: Secret Island Adventure Adventure game app for android and iphone. Paid app from GB.. 
Top 100 Australian Films Top 100 Australian feature films of all time, ranked by total reported gross Australian box office as at January 2012 
Whale Rock A natural rock formation in North Epping. 
World Clock A quick way to calculate the time in another city anywhere in the world. 
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